Natural Food Coloring that Doesn’t Affect Taste

Natural Food Coloring that Doesn’t Affect Taste – Nowadays we can find unhealthy foods with ease. We should be more aware of health because many foods on the market these days contain synthetic dyes that aren’t good for health. Processed foods usually contain artificial dyes, such as cakes, snacks, canned foods, ice cream, junk food, etc. Intended use is clear, which is to improve color and make it more tempting. However, consumption of artificial dyes in the long term is not good for health. There are various problems arise when the body receives too much artificial coloring, such as abdominal pain, nausea, vomiting, tumor, cancer, urticaria, rhinitis, and much more. Therefore, you should switch to natural food coloring. When it comes to natural ingredients, they are always better than artificial ones. Actually there are some foods that can be a natural food coloring.

natural food coloring: red and pink

natural food coloring

First, pink and red are two most tempting colors for food. Rather than adding artificial dyes to the food, it is better if you replace it with beets. Beets will not affect the taste as long as you add in the right amount. You can blend fresh beets to get bright red color. Some red fruits can also be a substitute. Raspberries are another alternative, along with pomegranate. But, you have to measure precisely because they might change the taste a little. But this is positive though because those fruits have delicious flavors. All you have to do is crush berries, mix with a little water, and filter it to get the colored-water.

If you need orange natural food coloring, you should try citrus. It really has an interesting color, but somewhat less concentrated. A better option is carrots. It is easy to extract orange color of carrots. Put them into a blender and mash with water. Next filter it until you get the color. Carrots are a little sweet, but they will not affect taste that much. If you need yellow, saffron flowers are another good natural food coloring.

natural food coloring: yellow

natural food coloring 2

You can also try turmeric since both ingredients have a strong yellow. They will make your food more interesting with the summery hue. Small amounts are enough to color a bowl of dough. You’d better start with small amounts. Add more whenever you think the color is less concentrated. And then, if you need your food looks green, spinach is a good source. This vegetable has a strong color but not with its taste. You can add large amounts of spinach and it will not change the taste of your food. If you do not want to use spinach, liquid chlorophyll can be a substitute. You must already know this healthy drink. Not only can color the food, you will also be healthier.

That was Natural Food Coloring that Doesn’t Affect Taste.

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