Lupis (Sticky Rice Rolls served with Palm Sugar Syrup)

Sticky Rice Rolls
served with Palm Sugar Syrup
200 gr. glutinous rice flour
1 Tbs. slaked lime water
banana leaves
¼ grated coconut
pinch of salt
Palm sugar syrup
Soak the glutinuous rice in water for an hour and drain. Add the slaked lime water to make the rice rolls more solid, and stir.
Take a piece of banana leaf and fill it ¾ full with glutinuous rice (just like making rice rolls). Secure the ends and tie rolls with string so that they will not burst during the boiling.

Put the rolls in a saucepan and cover with water. Boil for 4 hours, drain and allow the rolls to cool. Add more hot water during the cooking when necessary.

Serve the rolls by cutting it into 2 cm thick slices.

Sprinkle the grated coconut which a pinch of salt has been added on top of the rolls and pour the palm sugar syrup over them.

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