Pengek Daging Manis Pedas (West Sumatera)

Pengek Daging Manis Pedas (West Sumatera)


600 gr Meat
3 sp chilies, grind
2 tumeric leaves
3 cm galangal
2 stalks lemongrass, bruished
2 salam leaves
1 tsp salt
2 tamarind juice
750 cc water
9 shallots
5 onion
4 cm ginger


Grind shallots, onion and ginger. Mixed with meat and wait until 15 minutes.
Heat oil and sauté the ground ingredients along with salam leaves, lemongrass and galangal until the mixture changes color and becomes very fragrant.
Add water then lower heat until the meat is very tender.
Serve immediately.

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