250 gr flour, 70 gr butter, 1 egg, 2 pieces of chicken legs, 100 gr carrot, 50 gr scallions, 4 pieces of shallots, 2 pieces of garlic, 15cc sweet soy-sauce, 200 gr bread crumbs, salt

Mix 1/2 of the egg with flour and butter Form thin layer of squares – for wrappers Remove the bones from the chicken legs, cut into small pieces Skin carrots, boil until half done, and cut into tiny pieces. Cut scallions into tiny pieces. Grind shallots and garlic. Heat pan with butter. Put in shallots and garlic. In a couple of minutes, put in chicken Stir a little bit, and put in carrots, scallions Mix evenly. Add salt and pepper to taste, add sweet soy-sauce. Cook until chicken is done. Put 1 spoon of the result above into each square. Wrap it. Dip it in the 1/2 egg left, pour flour. Heat oil in a pan. Deep fry the risoles on medium heat until golden brown. Serve with hot chili pepper.

source ; indo.com

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