Sup Pedas Kerang (Spicy Shell Soup)

Picture from Lezat

Sup Pedas Kerang (Spicy Shell Soup)

Ingredients :

300 gram shell
2 sp Lemon
2 lemongrass, slice
5 lemon leaf
3 cm ginger
1000 ml water
Salt suffecient
Pepper suffecient
2 onion leaves, cut 2cm
1 pineapple, form kipas (half circle)
2 sp fish souce
12 chili
2 sp cooking oil

Seasoning Smooth:

2 red pepper
5 chili
5 red onion
1 sp terasi (condiment)

Direction :

Boil the shell, till the shell open. eliminate.
boil the cooking oil , saute the Smooth seasoning with lemongrass, lemon leaf, and ginger, give in water, salt and pepper.
After simmered, put pineaplle and shell, mushroom dan onion leaf, cook for while, add fish souce and chili. take it and serve.

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