Bola ayam udang goreng (Chicken oval Shrimp)

Bola ayam udang goreng (Chicken oval Shrimp)

Serve 25

Ingredients :

250 gr mill chicken
100 gr mill shrimp
1 pack seasoning stock, chicken taste 3 gr
1 tsp coriander, raw slice
50 gr sago powder
2 tsp fish sauce
2 white egg
250 gr shrimp, release only the skin1 pack seasoning sauce oriental

Sauce (smooth) :

100 gr mayones
2,5 tsp tomato sauce

Directions :
1. Mix mill chicken, mill shrimp, seasoning stock, coriander, sago owder, fish sauce, white egg, stir uo to smooth.
2. Wrap the shrimp with the dough and dont wrap the tail, make it oval.
3. Roll them in seasoning sauce oriental
4. Fry Them
5. Serve with sauce for 25

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