Cheese Cake Apple

Cheese Cake Apple

Basic materials:
150 grams of wheat
2 tbsp sugar fine
1 / 4 tsp salt
90 grams of fresh butter
1 yellow
3 tbsp water ice
Contents: 125 grams of cream cheese
125 grams of powdered sugar
3 eggs
100 grams wheat flour
3 tbsp marmalade
2 apples, sliced thin
50 grams raisins
1 orange sunkist, scar skin
PERAS the water

Sugar topping powder


Skin: Mix wheat flour with refined sugar and salt, mixed flat. Enter the butter, mixed with two knives or a pastry knife until the grain into flour-butter closed. Enter the eggs, water, ice, stir well until the dough can be formed. Istirahatkan for 30 minutes and miller dough setebal 1 cm, put in a plug trays dismantle 20 cm in size.
Prepare the oven temperature to 175 degrees Celsius, the basic grilled cake for 10 minutes, lift.

Dough contents: shake with cream cheese, sugar, eggs enter one by one while still shaken, enter wheat flour, wheat flour enter, Sunkist orange skin and the water, mixed flat.

Resolution: governance in the basic cake sliced apples, olesi with marmalade adequate, taburkan raisins, tuangkana and pangganga dough for 40 minutes or until browned cooked, lift.

Serve hot or cold.

6 pieces


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