Kukis Candied

Kukis Candied

225 grams butter
125 grams of refined sugar
1 egg, chicken eggs
Low-protein wheat flour 320 grams

100 grams butter
90 grams sugar
5 tablespoons honey
Candied dried fruit (mixed Peel) 200 grams

1. Shake butter with sugar until smooth swell, add the eggs while continuing
whipped until soft.
2. Enter wheat flour, stir well until evenly mixed.
3. Pipihkan dough, and then print the form and place a tray that has been flat
dioles margarine. Make the dough until exhausted.
4. Kukis roast in oven temperature of 180 degrees centigrade for 15 minutes until slightly
cooked, lift seen.
5. Topping: mixed all the materials, cooking over low heat until set, lift.
6. Place topping over dough kukis, and jokes back and roast for 10
minutes to dry, lift.
7. Serve.


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