Noodle and Beef Cutlets


Noodle and Beef Cutlets

200 g Beef (minced Beef)
3 pack Noodle
300 grams of Green Pepper
200 grams of Red Pepper
300 grams Onion
300 grams Zucchini
300 grams Egg plant
100 grams Fresh Mushroom
100 grams Shitake MUSHROOM
100 grams Champignom MUSHROOM
20 grams Garlic
20 grams Shallot
5 TSP Sweet soya
2 TSP tomato ketchup
2 TSP Oyster sauce
2 TSP Salted soya
100 ml Stock
50 grams of flour Maizenna
10 grams Nutmeg powder
50 grams Carrot
50 grams Leek
1,000 grams of potatoes

Cooking method:

1. Beef is finely chopped mixed in with the noodles, it cut approximately 5 cm stirred up the average and added with the garlic, shallot, tomato and kecthup salt pepper.
2. Boiled potatoes until half cooked and then kept cold until finely chopped and added with nutmeg powder and salt, pepper and formed into a round, after the pan fried until brown in color.
3. And then formed into round (cutlets) approximately 15 cm, and left a few minutes by the cold.
4. Grilled Vegetable until brown, which is spiced salt and pepper.
5. Pan-chopped garlic and shallot until the aroma out and add assorted MUSHROOM that cut and mix until evenly, left a few minutes to really taste accordance with the Recipe.
6. Carrot and Leek sliced and soaked with ice water to expand and look fresh.
7. Pan fried cutlest with margarine until brown and cooked.
8. Provided dinner plate and set the potato-shaped and round over Grilled Vegetable, cutlets, Grilled Vegetable and over cutlets and assorted MUSHROOM sauce sliced ornament for fresh vegetables.
9. Ready to serve.

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