Sop Buntut

(picture from culinaryz)


* 1 kg cow tail
* 1.5 ltr water
* 250 gr potatoes, cut into pieces
* 300 gr carrot, cut it

Flavor of mashed :

* 5 grains of garlic, roasted with skin
* 10 grains of red onion, roasted with skin
* spice:
* 1 tsp pepper powder
* 1 seed grains nutmeg
* 5 grains clove
* 4 cm ginger, and half memarkan
* 2 clove garlic, roasted with skin
* Salt and seasoning according to taste

Sowing and complementary:

* 2 tbsp celery sliced celery
* 1 tbsp sliced spring onion
* 2 tbsp garlic fries,
* 2 tomatoes, cut into pieces
* Sliced lemon / lime
* green sauce (rawit)
* Emping fry
* cucumber carrot
* sauce ketchup


1. Tail stew in boiling water until the water boil again. Discard water stew page, input 1.5 lt boiling water and spices, cook with small fire until soft tail.
2. Tumis fine until fragrant spices, carrots and potatoes enter. Add water tail stew, cooked until boiling, put to stew in the tail and add celery bunch. Continue cooking until the carrots and potatoes cooked.
3. Serving: Put soup in a bowl, add a snippet of tomatoes, celery, spring onion, garlic fried food, water, lemon / lime and soy sauce. Emping served with fries, pickle and condiment.

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