Soup Zupa Zupa (Zupa Soup)

Soup Zupa Zupa (Zupa Soup)


Puff Pastry ready to buy, tipiskan, cut into the box, according to the size of bowls.

Material mushroom cream soup:

75 g margarine
75 g bw Bombay, minced
200 gr button mushrooms, chopped small box.
30 g wheat flour
600 ml of stock
2 tsp mustards sauce
1 tsp salt
1 / 2 tsp pepper powder
100 ml thick cream (whipped cream)

Stir fry mushroom material:

1 tbsp margarine
50 gr button mushrooms thin slices.

Making way:
1 .. Heat margarine, stir-fry until onions wilt, enter the mushrooms, stir well
until the mushrooms wilt add flour, mixed flat, move into the pot.
2 .. Cast stock little by little while stirred until the dough evenly,
boil. Insert mustards sauce, salt and pepper, stir well, lift. Dinginkan.
3 .. Mushroom stir-fry: heat margarine, sliced mushrooms stir-fry until wilting seen.
4 .. Resolution: cast soup into heat-proof bowl, stir fry mushrooms give,
close the top of the bowl with details puff pastry, oven until pastry
cooked. Serve.

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