Turkey and Prune Terrine

150 gram turkey mousse
100 gram turkey pastram sliced
125 gram turkey salad
50 gram prunes
50 gram dry apricot
20 gram pistachio nut
50 gram ripe mango
25 gram tomato cherry
15 ml cognac
15 ml white whine
30 ml cranberry sauce
30 ml orange mustard dressing
5 pcs crisp parmesan cheese cone

For Terrine:

Lay turkey pastrami on the cling film then spread the mousse on it.
Fill with,dry prunes, apricot and pistachio nut.
Roll it up and with the cling film
Poaches it until cook.
For Honey mustard sauce:
Yield 100 ml
25 gram wholegrain mustard
50 ml orange juice
15 ml olive oil
15 ml honey
2 gram chopped fresh dill leaves
Salt, pepper to taste
Reduce the orange juice
Keep it cool and add the remaining ingredients
Mix well and taste

For Cranberry Sauce:
Yields 100 ml
80 gram cooked cranberry
30 ml port wine
5 ml cider vinegar
Lomon zest to taste
In sauce pan, simmer all the ingredients for 10 minutes
Strain and keep it cold

For Turkey Salad :
50 gram turkey breast, julienne and poached in court bouillon
10 gram capsicums julienne
10 gram onion
20 ml orange honey mustard dressing
5 ml apple cider vinegar
1 gram mint leaves
Salt and pepper to taste
Mix all ingredients well and taste the seasoning.

For Gluhwein
Yield:200 ml

Ingredients :
200 ml red wine
2 gram cloves
5 gram cinnamon stick
2 gram lemon zest
15 gram orange sliced
20 gram sugar
15 ml lime juice
100 ml water
Method :

Boil all ingredients then reduce till the liquid left 200 ml, Serve warm
To Serves:

Cut terrine 3 pieces for portion
Arrange on the plate, put turkey salad in the crips parmesan cheese cone put in the center of the plate.
Dress with honey mustard sauce and cranberry sauce
Accompanied with gluhwein.

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