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300 grams of turkey breast
300 grams of lobster
100 ml cream
30 grams dill leaves
50 grams onions
100 grams nuts (chesnut)
300 grams of spinach
15 grams of salt
15 grams pepper
15 grams germ
For sauce: Cranberry sauce
For map / alasnya:
3 tbsp butter, spinach, garlic and onions
To garnish: dill leaves and heads of shrimp


1. Lobster meat is taken, then split into two parts, add salt, pepper, pan with a small fire.
2. Turkey breast cut, according to taste, given the salt, pepper and put into a pan that has been heated, cooked in slowly.
3. Spinach cooked with butter, garlic, onions, add salt, pepper.
4. Lobster and the turkey is cooked, set according to taste Serve with Cranberry sauce and decorated with the heads of shrimp and dill leaves.

for : 5 people

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