Ice Cream With Coconut

Ice Cream With Coconut


100 ml coconut water
700 ml fresh milk
1 tbsp maizena, mixed with a little water
3 yellow egg, shake
200 g coconut, finely dredging
100 ml thick cream
pink coloring

How to create:

Mixed water and coconut milk. Stir average.
Give a few drops of pink coloring,stir. Boil above the fire until little hot.
Give maizena, slosh and boil until thick.
Take a little dough, poke the yolk. Pour back into the dough. Cook until boil. Lift, poke until become warm.
Add coconut cream and stir average. Pour into container.
Store in freezer until half frozen. Remove, poke average.
Put in the freezer until frozen.
Serve cold.

For 6 glasses

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