Bolu Pandan


8 eggs btr
200 gr sugar
1 tbsp emulsifier (optional)
200 gr wheat
100 gr butter, liquid
50 ml water suji & pandan (can be replaced with 1 tbsp pandan paste)

How to create:

– Shake the eggs and sugar to a half ride, enter the emulsifier shake continuously until thick and expand.

– Enter the wheat filter gradually over the dough (2 or 3 times), and stirred up to the average, enter the water suji and melt butter alternately stirred while (note if the dough is thin stop give suji water, replace the pandan paste).

– Put in brass tulban size 12 having a speech impediment or use a 20cm chiffon molding.

– Roasted in the oven temperature 180 ‘, until cooked. Ready-cut pieces.

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