Bubur Kampiun

Bubur Kampiun


1.Kolak Banana :
10 pcs banana jackfruit
Coconut milk 2 ½ gls
7 tbsp brown sugar slices
1 tsp salt

2. Pulp Candil:
150 g sticky rice flour
1 tsp salt
water whiting
brown sugar

3. White pulp:
250 gr rice flour
Coconut milk 1 ½ gls
1 tsp salt
LBR 2 pandan leaves

3. Black sticky rice:

½ lt black sticky rice that has been soaked first.
½ btr half old coconut, shredded

How to Make:

1. Banana kolak:
Boiled bananas and brown sugar and salt until slightly soft.
Enter a coconut, poke bananas and boil until soft. Lift.
2. Pulp Candil:
Prepare sticky rice flour, salt, lime and water.
Give hot water and make rounded-spherule form.
Boiled water with brown sugar that has been boiling, to float, and lift.
3. White pulp:
Boil water, pandan leaf extract, and salt until boiling
Enter the rice flour that has been diluted with coconut milk.
Stir flat and fast, until cooked. Lift.
4. Black Ketan:
Black sticky rice that has been soaked, steamed until half cooked.
While still in kukusan, give boiling water.This needs to be done in order to produce a good sticky rice matangnya.
Steam sticky rice cooked again.
5. How served:
Put the first black sticky rice that has been give grated coconut in a bowl.
Then input sequentially Candil pulp, white pulp, and give with banana compote.
The Bubur Kampiun ready to be served

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