500 grams of beef, sandung lamur
500 grams of tripe, cooked stew
300 grams of beef liver, cooked stew
200 grams of beef heart, cooked stew
5 stem citronella
4 cm lengkuas

2 cm ginger
5 salam leaves
250 grams of peanuts, fried and mashed
2.5 liters of water washing rice
1 tbsp spice taste beef
6 tbsp vegetable oil

Flavor of mashed:

10 cloves garlic
8 pcs pecan, fry without oil
1 tbsp coriander fry without oil
1 tsp caraway fry without oil
1 tsp salt 1 tsp pepper and grain

Complement: fried onions, sliced spring onion and sliced celery, sambal taoco
Flavor of mashed: 10 red onion, 5 cloves garlic, chili 10 waved briefly boiled, 100 grams taoco, saute with 6 tbsp vegetable oil until cooked, add salt and brown sugar.


1.Stew beef, tripe, liver and heart, give citronella, lengkuas, ginger, drain up and cut dice.
2. Heat oil,  saute  mashed spices up to the fragrant, enter into the broth, add peanut fry, boil.
3. Serving, prepare bowl, meat give sauce,fried onion, sliced onion and celery leaves served with chili and taoco.
4. Serve warm.

To: 6 people

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