Dry Mocca Cake Recipes

Dry Mocca Cake Recipes


• 12 grams Eggs
• 300 grams of sugar sand
• 5 ml Vanilla essence
• 300 grams of flour Semar
• 6 grams Baking powder
• 20 grams spekuk seasoning
• 3 grams of salt
• 150 grams Margarine, melted
• 300 grams of chocolate muisjes
• 16 grams of Mocca pasta.

How to Make:

1. Stir eggs and sugar until stiff with a mixer.
2. In another place, mixed and sifted dry ingredients until blended. Enter the dry ingredients to egg mixture gradually with occasional stirring with a wooden spatula. Enter muisjes brown also. Mix well.
3. Enter the margarine has melted, stir again to mix.
4. Prepare 4 the pan size 30 cm x 10 cm x 7 cm which was smeared with white shortening and given a paper bread. After that, basting again with the shortening of paper white bread.
5. Dough evenly into each pan.
6. Burn in the oven at a temperature of 180 ° C for ± 30 minutes (until completely cooked).
7. Remove the cake from the mold, cultures until cold. Cut lengthwise.
8. Put the pieces in the pan that was covered with butcher paper, burn longer, until cake is completely dry in oven temperature 150 ° C.

Results : ± 480 grams

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