Four Foods On Friday 72

Here are this week’s four questions.

#1. Suggest a question for FFOF. Something fun is in store for the one whose question is chosen.
#2. Share instructions on how to make your favorite smoothee or shake.
#3. What’s in your favorite panini?
#4. Share a recipe for potato salad.

My answers.

#1. Don’t be silly.
#2. I have a smoothie maker, I just ask hubby or my brother to do it because when I try it gets all over the ceiling.
#3. Turkey, ham, bacon, American cheese and a little mayo.
#4. I’ve never actually made one. I buy egg potato salad already made at the grocery store.

If you play please don’t forget to drop your name and link into Mr Linky so the other players know where to find you. Thanks!

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