Fried Noodle

Fried Noodle


Yellow wet noodles 1/2 kg
2 pcs egg shake.
Fried onion
Green chinese cabage.
Kol /cabage.
Onion leaves sliced 1cm.
Salt, sugar, pepper.
Salt 2 tbsp, soy sauce
Sweet soy sauce.
200 cc water

Fine spices:

Garlic 5 pcs.

How to cook:

Put wet yellow noodles with cold water,drain up.
Fried eggs,leave it.
Saute garlic until yellow colors put salt and vegetables until cooked add water, soy sauce give it sweet, salty soy sauce, sugar, pepper , enter noodles, and fried eggs, cooking until the sauce absorb.
Give fried onion.

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