Lemon Mousse

Lemon Mousse

150 grams sugar
6 orange lemon
40 grams gelatine citrus taste
60 cc hot water
250 cc liquid susu
200 cc whipping cream
3 eggs

How to prepare :

1. Juice orange and lemon water capture.
2. Mix gelatine citrus taste with 60 cc hot water.
3. Separate egg white and yellow.
4. Shake yolk and sugar until soft, add the liquid susu.
5. Move to a small saucepan, heat the fire are to boil.
6. Turn off the fire, until  lost steam heat.
7. Enter citrus lemon water, gelatine which has been mixed, and whipping cream, until mixed evenly poke.
8. Shake until evenly white, into the dough, slosh back to the flat.
9. Put into bowls or glasses, make it cold until stiff, and ready to be served.
10. Serve garnish with orange peel.

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