Orak-arik Pindang Salem


2 tails pindang Salem, are great, get rid of prickly, suwir-2
4 btr onion, sliced thin 2 –
4 cloves garlic, sliced thin 2 –
1 / 2 turmeric finger, hit
1 / 2 finger ginger, hit
3 small red pepper (if you like), sliced thin
2 chicken eggs, shake and give
1 carrot, sliced, such as stem lighter
2 hold the cabbage is finely sliced
(does not need salt because, in general, have been tempting pindang)

How to Make:

1. cook spices until fragrant-2, put pindang,
poke pindang until half-cooked
2. enter the eggs, shake, slosh through pindang
can packaged eggs, enter the new carrot
and kubisnya, poke the vegetables until slightly faded
3. lift and serve, suitable side dish for breakfast
(because of how easily and quickly make it)

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