Pie Kurma

Pie Kurma Recipe

Materials :

• 50 grams sugar, make it smooth
• 125 gr Margarine
• 250 g Wheat Flour
• 1 Egg-Yolk

Cake Ingredients:

• 80 g Sugar Sand
• 75 gr Butter Cream
• 60 g Wheat Flour
• Milk Powder 15 gr
• 8 Egg-Yolk


• Butter Cream ready for use
• Palm Fruit, halved

How to Make :

• Skin: Beat the sugar and margarine until smooth, put the egg yolks and beaten flat. After that, add the flour and mix well
• Enter the pie dough in a mold that has been given margarine, stick the bottom with fork
• Cake: Whisk sugar and egg yolks until fluffy, put the flour and milk powder, mix well. Enter and cream the butter and mix well.
• Pour the cake batter over the pie shell, bake in 170 C oven until done.
• Lift
• Add cream butter, attach palm fruit as you like

Kue Kurma, Resep kue

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