Pudding Mangga (Mango Pudding)

Pudding Mangga (Mango Pudding)

Material A:
675 g granulated sugar
100 g Gelatine of white powder
900 g of boiling water

Material B:
525 g instant coconut milk liquid (eg, Kara)
675 g of Carnation evaporated milk
600 g whipping cream (eg Cremidor, Anchor, Roselle)
600 g of pure mango *)
300 g Ice Cube
1 tablespoon mango essence
1 tablespoon orange red liquid dye
1 tablespoon liquid egg yellow dye

How to Make:
Mix the sugar and gelatine. Enter into the boiling water. Beat
until late. Set aside. Stir together: kara coconut cream, milk, cream, mango puree and Ice Cube

Mix with sugar and gelatine mixture. Beat until smooth. Enter
essence of mango and dyes. Mix well. Let stand for 30 minutes.
Enter into the mold according to taste.
Enter into the chiller / freezer for 3 hours. When inserted into
in the freezer just ½ hours. As a complement, flush liquid pudding with cream.
Serve immediately.
For 20 pieces (small print)

*) To get the pure mango, 1 ½ pounds peeled mango harummanis,
take flesh, cut into pieces. Put in a blender bowl,
process until smooth.

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