Semur Chicken

Semur Chicken


1 chicken tail, cut into 8 sections.
Sweet soy sauce.
Coconut milk from 1/2 pcs coconut .– 500cc
Red onion finely sliced 4 pcs
Garlic, finely sliced 6 pcs
nut meg 1/2 pcs
Cinnamon 2 cm
Red chili for 2 pcs of oblique slices.

How to Cook:

Mix chicken with salt and pepper for 15 minutes and fry until 3/4 cooked.
Saute red and white onion with 2 tbsp butter until fragrant.
Enter fried chicken, sweet soy sauce ,nutmeg, cinnamon, salt, sugar, coconut milk and 500 cc,cook until sauce absorb. Serve it.

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