Shrimp With Mayonnaise Paprika

Shrimp With Mayonnaise Paprika

Materials :

500 peeled shrimp, size medium
75 g maizena
2 tbsp starch flour
1 / 2 tsp ground pepper
1 / 2 tsp salt

Paprika mayonnaise sauce:
Mayonnaise bottles100 ml
2 tbsp sweet white thick milk
1 tsp chilli sauce bottles

1 / 2 tsp tomato paste
1 / 2 tbsp lemon juice lemon
1 tsp gelatin powder,stir with the 1 tbsp warm water until clear
20 g red paprika, chopped

How to create:
– Back slit the shrimp, wash with water until really clean.
– Towel to dry.
– Stir maizena, starch flour, pepper and salt to the average.
– Wrapping each shrimp with the flour mixture until evenly.
– Frying in hot oil with many medium to dry.
– Paprika mayonnaise sauce: Stir all ingredients (except paprika) to   the average.
– Add chopped paprika, poke average.
– Serve with the fried shrimp sauce Paprika mayonnaise.

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