Smoked Beef Cheese Risoles

Smoked Beef Cheese Risoles


In leather:
100 gr high-protein wheat flour
1 egg
250 ml of liquid milk
Oil to spread

Material contents:

3 sheet Smoked beef, cut into 6 parts
2 boiled eggs, part 4 – part 6
150 gr cheddar cheese, grated (can also use the cheese slices cut-pieces or cheddar cheese spread)
100 gr mayonais
2 tbsp sweet condensed milk


1 egg, shake loose
1 tbsp liquid milk or water
Bread flour

How to create:

1. Material skin: mixed all ingredients until evenly skin. Filter if necessary to avoid the lump flour. Create a thin omelet in a frying pan has already gived oil.

2. Material contents: Mix mayonais with sweet condensed milk.

3. Take an omelette, place 1 cut boiled egg, 1 piece smoked meat, cheese grater and give ½ tbsp mixture mayonais make shape like an envelope.

4. Glazer: shake the eggs with liquid milk. Put risoles into the bread flour until the whole surface of the bread flour risoles closed.

5. Risoles fry in hot oil until brown color. Lift.
6. Serve with chili sauce

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