Soto Tangkar

Soto Tangkar


2 liters of water
500 gram rib bones
250 grams “sandung lamur”
2 pieces of bay
1 stem citronella,hit
1 / 2 grains of coconut, and fry without oil, mashed
1 of tamarind
8 fruit belimbing wuluh, split into 2 parts

Mashed the ingredients:

1 tsp coriander
1 / 2 tsp cumin
8 grains candlenut
3 pieces red chili
8 pieces red onion
4 cloves garlic
1 turmeric finger joint
1 cm Ginger
1 cm lengkuas/laos
1 tsp brown sugar

How to prepare:

1. Boil the bones and rib sandung myopia until    soft.
2. Saute spices until fragrant.
3. Enter the bay and citronella, poke average. Mix    into stew in the rib bones.
4. Enter coconut, belimbing wuluh and tamarind.
5. Cook until cooked and the sauce curdle.
6. Lift and serve warm.

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