Strawberry Cake

Strawberry Cake


750 g cream cheese
200 g sour cream / sour cream
250 g sugar
1 lemon citrus fruit imports, scar skin
7 egg chicken
2 pieces of chocolate sponge / chocolate sponge cake *)

Fresh strawberry
Chocolate tub

How to create:

* Shake cream cheese, sour cream and sugar with mixer   medium speed or shake until sugar dissolves wire and soft.
* Add grated orange peel and lemon shake until the eggs while     being flat and slippery.
* Prepare 2 pieces brass ring 22 cm. Wrapped with aluminum foil.
* Put chocolate sponge base in each brass.
* Pour batter cheese to 2 / 3 brass
* Put cake in large  more brass. Give hot water at up to 1-2 cm.
* Toast in hot oven 160 for 30-40 minutes until the   surface of   cake frozen
* Lift
* Ornamental decoration of the cake.

2 for brass

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