Taliwang Chicken

(Picture from Thearisan)


1  chicken
100 ml vegetable oil
1 lime fruit, take water

Flavor of mashed:

14 pieces dried red chili
12 grains of red onion
8 cloves garlic
100 g red tomatoes
2 tsp terasi fry
5 cm kencur
25 g sugar Java
2 tsp salt

How to create:

• Cut pieces of chicken breast from the middle to the neck. Turn   the chicken and press to open.
• Heat oil, saute spice fine until fragrant and cooked. Lift.
• Mix lime water, slosh average.
• Mix chicken with the spices to the average.
• Put on the flat molding, grilled in a hot oven 180 C for 1 hour   until cooked. Back and forth and olesi flavor at times. Lift.
• Toast chicken on the charcoal fire to heat a bit dry.
• Lift. Serve warm with the spice

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