10 Foods Make Sleep Well-Health food

10 Foods Make Sleep Well

1. Banana
Banana functions like sleeping pills. Because the content of magnesium which can make the muscles in the body more relaxed. Melatonin and serotonin makes you feel calm.

2. Camomile Tea
Camomile tea is believed long ago as a natural sleeping pill, because the content of a mild sedative for those who are often restless mind.

3. Warm Milk
Drink warm milk before bedtime can make sleep more soundly, and this is not a myth. Because milk contains amino acid tryptophan and is also capable of calming the mind.

4. Honey
Mix one to two tablespoons of honey in your tea or warm milk before bed. In addition to make it taste delicious, a mixture of honey can make the body relaxed and lowered alertness while.

5. Potato
Eating potato before bed, it will not burden your stomach. But it helps cleanse your digestive tract from acid disturbing.

6. Oatmeal
Oatmeal is a filling meal, but not too heavy if consumed before bed. Oatmeal contains melatonin, which can stimulate the body to feel sleepy.

7. Almond
A number of nuts – almonds one of them – not only good for heart health, but also can be used to help you sleep more soundly. tryptophan and magnesium contained in dalamanya can make the muscles in a relaxed condition.

8. Flaxseed
Flaxseed is not too much known in Indonesia, but in some large supermarkets can be found. Flaxseed can be eaten like oatmeal before bed. Omega 3 and natural fatty acids can help you sleep more soundly.

9. Oat bread
A stack of bread wheat are eaten with tea and honey can release insulin, which helps tryptophan drove toward the brain and gives orders to the brain to rest.

10. Turkey
Among all foods, just the most turkey contains tryptophan. Consumption of turkey meat with a stack of bread will help you sleep more soundly. But remember, not too much because it will make it difficult to sleep because it was too full.

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