Bake Chocolate Espresso Cake- Resep Kue Natal

Bake Chocolate Espresso Cake- Resep Kue Natal

Water 250 ml strong coffee / espresso
500 g dark chocolate couverture 72%, cut into pieces
250 g unsalted butter, melted
8 eggs
200 g granulated sugar


* Put chocolate in a bowl / basin.
* Cook until hot coffee water right. Lift.

* Pour in the chocolate and stir until chocolate melted and smooth.
* Add butter and stir well.
* Beat eggs and sugar with mikser low speed or wire whisk until the sugar melted.
* Pour the egg mixture into chocolate batter. Stir until blended.
* Keep the dough in the refrigerator or chiller until slightly hard.
* Prepare a 20 cm ring pan that has been wrapped in aluminum foil.
* Pour into chocolate batter until 2 / 3 height of the pan.
* Place the pan containing the cake in the pan is greater. Give hot water up to as high as 1-2 cm.
* Bake in hot oven 180 temperature for 12-200 minutes until the surface of the frozen cake.
* Remove and let cool. Decorate the cake to taste.

For 2 pan

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