Banana and Jackfruit Kolak-Resep Buka Puasa

Banana and Jackfruit Kolak-Resep Buka Puasa

Two horns bananas, cut into pieces as they pleased
200 gr kolang forth Shop
200 grams of jackfruit mateng
100 gr brown sugar or to taste
500 ml coconut milk to taste watery ato emang klo despise condensed
6 pandan leaves, wrap 3-3
pinch of salt for flavoring

1. Melt brown sugar in boiling water, strain … set aside.
2. Cook the coconut milk with salt and pandan leaves, stirring constantly until boiling.
3. Put the sugar, bananas and kolang forth, stirring constantly until boiling. Turn off the heat
4. Wait until slightly warm compote, enter the jackfruit and serve immediately or in cold conditions by adding ice cubes. Yummyyy ……

Serve Banana and Jackfruit Kolak

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