Eating Fiber Prevent Influenza-Health Tips

Eating Fiber Prevent Influenza

1. Eat vitamin D: If adequate intake of vitamin D, it would avoid the small possibility of health problems, ranging from colds to cancer. Vitamin D is available through sun exposure. In small doses on fatty fish (salmon).

2. Fill your daily fiber needs: Someone who meets the needs of fiber for six weeks, to avoid bacterial infection. According to a study journal Brain, Behavior and Imunity, fiber

found in citrus fruit, apples carrots, beans, grains, green leafy vegetables and wheat that can fight inflammation, try to consume 25 to 38 grm fiber a day, said a lead author Cristina Sherry, Ph. D., RD of the University of Michigian, Ann Arbor.

3. Stay slim: According to the Tufts University study of adults who are overweight are encouraged to diet to reduce calories by 50%. It turns out that the ideal body weight make the immune system works better than those who are obese. So it’s good to control the amount of food intake to avoid excess body weight and not susceptible to disease.

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