Eye of Rump Peppercorn Sauce

Eye of Rump Peppercorn Sauce

150 g Eye of Rump Steak
60 g pieces of skinned baked potatoes
40 g vegetable stir-fry
60 ml Green peppercorn Sauce
Green peppercorn Sauce:
1 tablespoon olive oil
10 g chopped red onion
60 g green peppercorn
125 ml dry white wine / broth
500 ml Demiglace
125 nl of fresh cream


* Marinate chops dang herb oil or olive oil, salt and pepper until blended. Allow at least 30 minutes.
* Roast meat on the grill that has been heat until desired ripeness. Lift.
* Serve with French fries, vegetable stir-fry and Green peppercorn Sauce ..
* Green Pepercorn Sauce:
* Heat oil and saute onion until wilted.
* Add green peppercorn and white wine / broth.
* Cook until wine evaporates.
* Pour demiglace, cook until shrinking.
* Pour the cream, simmer for 2 minutes.
* Lift.

Serves 1

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