Fresh Breath By Red Wine

Fresh Breath By Red Wine

Jakarta – Problem with bad breath sometimes be the main obstacle. Especially for you who have met with many people. One way to remove a bad odor in the mouth, can be rinsed with a red wine. How is this possible?

If you are one who have problems with bad breath, it was a bitch. Difficult to communicate with others, so that other people are not bothered. Researchers at the International & American Association for Dental conduct research on this topic.

Apparently, there are new facts are quite surprising. The reason is the usual red wine made dinner companion can be accurate solution eliminates bad breath. This is caused by compounds contained in red wine can help prevent and cure disease gingivitis cause bad breath odor.

Many people affected by disease gingivitis. Research had been conducted, found that about 15% adults aged 21-50 years and 65% more people over age 50 suffer dewas this disease. Scientists from Laval University found that a number of compounds in red wine polyphenols have anticarcinogenic effects of inflammation.

This anti-inflammatory useful in the prevention and treatment of periodontal inflammation or gingivitis. Or another type of inflammation involving free radicals. Another study found that these polyphenols can also help reduce the risk of cancer and heart disease.

Well, if you’re there for dinner and red wine as a complementary maybe a little trick you can do the following. When you drink red wine, do a little mild mouthwash in order wine to be around your mouth and then swallowed.

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