Healthy Processing Vegetable

Healthy Processing Vegetable

For vegetables can be used optimally nutrisnya, try to follow the tips below prkatis:

Boiling: Boiling vegetables is the best way is not recommended because the risk of nutrient loss is very large.
Never boil vegetables straight start since the cold water. Because the levels of vitamin C, will be reduced 10 to 12 times.

Saute: This is one quick way to cook vegetables on top of pan. But remember, when cooking vegetables with oil, fat soluble vitamins may end up with oil. It’s good you do not discard the oil.

Washing vegetables: Most of the vegetables exposed to fertilizers and pesticides. Wash vegetables under running water until clean. Then cut and cook according to taste.
Avoid acidic substances in vegetables. Green leafy vegetables should not be cooked with a mixture of acid. Like, lemon juice or other acid mixtures, because the nutrients of vegetables can be lost.

Use the onion: Always use the onion in every dish, because onions are rich sources of quercetin, which is the important phytochemicals, and also contains antioxidants that are good for the body. Allow onions to taste the best cuisine onions that have been peeled and cut let stand for 10 minutes before use. This way to obtain properties in garlic as oxidation.

Milk: If you use milk instead of coconut milk, previously boiled for 10 minutes until boiling, for bacteria and the bacteria die. Then enter the vegetables and simmer until wilted.

Pan: Notice pan you use. Do not use a frying pan coated with paint and decoration, for the content of the paint can meguap and soluble in food that can cause indigestion.

Pyrex and stainless steel: Always use cookware made from stainless. Avoid the use of aluminum materials, because the content of aluminum in the long term may affect the brain works.

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