Japan-Europe in Pand’orToo

Japan-Europe in Pand’orToo

Jakarta -You certainly already know Pand’or at Jalan Wijaya I, Kebayoran Baru, a restaurant which is also very popular with cookies are commonly known as Japanese pastries.
Pand’orToo dish is very similar to Pand’or, namely: the European-influenced cuisine with the taste, flavor, and how to cook Japanese. Of course, some of the popular Japanese cuisine internationally also presented in its original form here. For example: tempura moriawase (USD 85 thousand), unagidon (Rp110 thousand), various types of ramen, soba, and udon (average of USD 70 thousand).

Please also see the list of menu for soups and salads that may be suitable. I myself always sponsor tofu salad (USD 50 thousand). This is actually a combination of age dashi tofu and salad.

For the main meal, the choice is quite broad. Ranging from different types of sandwiches, pasta, steaks, and others. For lunch a moderate (not heavy and not light), I recommend the salmon steaks, chicken cordon bleu, fish and chips, or chicken Kiev. The last one is my favorite.

Chicken Kiev is a dish that already had international. Chicken breast (without skin), split, filled with garlic herb butter, then fried with flour and PANIR. There are also versions that use a little spinach in it. In Pand’orToo (USD 70 thousand).

Too Pand’or
Food and Cakes
Medco Energy Building
Mezzanine Floor
SCBD Sudirman, South Jakarta
021 52960090 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting              021 52960090

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