Kastengles Pudding

Kastengles Pudding

200 gr cream whepped
2 tablespoons cream cheese
1 tablespoon lemon juice
Material II:
Bh a vanilla cake
200 gr kastengeles, roughly chopped (regular cheese crackers in supermarkets)
1 klg candied berry blue
50 ml sugar syrup

Mica plastic cake
Materials III:
400 ml water
9 grams of jelly powder
75 ml orange syrup
50 gr sugar

* Print mica cake with plastic and then rubbed with sugar syrup, do it to finish approx 10-12 pcs.
* Mix the ingredients I mix well, then put in a plastic triangle, tip scissors for peanuts, then spray a layer.
* Place the lid with a layer of blueberry layer of material I give it anymore with kastengles do until finished.
* Mix III materials, heat and then pour on it until full, put in the freezer, after cold cooked.

For 12 pieces

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