Kurma Chocolate Layer – Kue Kering Lebaran

Kurma  Chocolate Layer

Method :
* 30  palm fruit/kurma
* 50 grams of whole cashews
* 150 gr dark cooking chocolate melted
* 30 g white cooking chocolate melted

Method :

1. Roast cashew nuts until slightly brown color. Remove and let cool.
2. Cut one side of the palm, but do not cut off, remove the seeds, cashews enter into a date palm fruit.
3. Roll the dates which have been filled into the dark cooking chocolate has melted, remove from heat.
4. Arrange on a rack with a given distance up not sticking together, refrigerate until chocolate hardens.
5. After the chocolate hardens, decorate top white circuitry that has been melted cooking chocolate.
6. Refrigerate until chocolate hardens dates.
7. Serve

Kurma Chocolate For 30 pieces

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