Lawang Flower For Appetite Enhancer

Lawang Flower For Appetite Enhancer

Jakarta – Spice that looks like a beautiful flower in full bloom is often used for seasonings in various types of cuisine, especially in Asia. Distinctive aroma and taste that is unique to its appeal. Want to know more? INFO Listen here!

Deaf or star anise or mace Rate this may still not too many people who knew him. The name usually used by deaf people Tionghoa in Java, while the Balinese call it Bunga Lawang and Europeans called it the Star Anise because its shape resembles a star.

This herb is actually very popular, especially in Asian cuisines like Chinese, Thai, Japanese, and Vietnamese. Call it like sapo knew cuisine has a unique scent, taste delicious and evocative.

In Indonesia, the deaf are less popular when compared with black pepper or nutmeg. But in some areas are used to increase the delicacy of deaf and make a fragrant aroma of cooking so that trigger your taste untukmakan. Deaf or interest on this mace can be used whole or crushed first.

Oxtail stew, curried goat, ‘pho’-Vietnamese noodle soup will be even more delicious if you add a little Latin spice called Illicium Verum this. Deaf also used as a cough medicine ingredient and become an important spice in the mixture of five spice powder or seasoning ngohiang besides typical Chinese anise, cloves, cinnamon, and Szechuan pepper.

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