Munchies Restaurant

Munchies Restaurant

Jakarta – This restaurant could be the right choice for you. Not only the atmosphere is comfortable, but also a variety of interesting dishes you can taste.
Munchies Restaurant & Bar.

Despite significant Munchies snack or small meal, not only provides food Munchies riangan or just tapas. But too many main courses that portion is filling enough for you. Some dishes that Munchies

Munchies also have a few drinks is a mainstay. Among them are Mocktail, call it Strawberry & Peach Splash, Kiwi & Apple Splash, Mango & Orange Splash and several other types of beverages.

The atmosphere of the trial was built during the Munchies is a comfortable atmosphere like at home. No wonder so much use of wood, overstuffed sofas, and also the board as a wall decoration.

Resto which started operation since December 5, 2010 ago Gandaria City is located at Ground Floor, one that began bustling shopping center in South Jakarta numbers.

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