Nastar Cookies -Resep Kue Lebaran

Nastar Cookies -Resep Kue Lebaran

* 4 egg yolks
* 2 egg yolks for spreads
* ½ kg butter butter or margarine
* ½ kg flour
* 100 gr powdered sugar for the cake
* 300 gr sugar for jam
* 1 pack vanilla
* 100 gr cheese, Gouda or Cheddar cheese as a substitute for
* 1 pineapple
* 1 small piece cinnamon

How to Make:

* Pineapple peeled and grated
* Enter the sugar and cook until cooked through and thickened
* Refrigerate until he could round it off for pear


* Prepare a rectangular baking pan and spread with margarine
* Beat the 4 egg yolks with powdered sugar and butter until fluffy
* Put grated cheese into the batter
* Stir in the flour and vanilla
* Stir  to form a dough that can be rounded


* Get hold of the cake with his hands up to the size slightly smaller than golf ball size
* Enter the orb into the circle cake jam
* Brush the surface of the pastry with egg yolk
* Arrange the cake in the pan and bake in the oven until cooked

Nastar Cookies For 40 pieces

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