Pizza Di Mare

Pizza Di Mare

Skin Pizza Dough 180 g
60 ml tomato sauce
50 g coarse drawstring mozzarella cheese
15 ml extra virgin olive oil
2 g of finely chopped garlic
2 g of chopped parsley leaves
30 g squid thinly sliced crosswise
70 g of shellfish
110 g shrimp, peeled, cut into pieces
90 g scallops, cut into pieces


* Roll the pizza dough to a round 32 cm.
* Stir the seafood with olive oil, garlic and parsley until blended. Set aside.
* Brush the skin surface of a pizza with tomato sauce.
* Sprinkle the entire surface with mozzarella cheese.
* Sprinkle with seafood and bake in a hot oven 300 C for 5 minutes until the skin inflates and baked pizza.
* Remove and serve hot.

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