Popcorn Ball Maker

Popcorn Ball Maker

The shape is round with a combination of black and white just like a football. Half-circle at the top of the function sbagai versatile to accommodate popcorn bowl that has been cooked. Do not take a long time, just 3 minutes you have presented an artificial popcorn to accompany time watching a football game or a movie at home.

Popcorn Maker Football this edition is a very safe to use by anyone. No need to fear that the corn that entered will get out. Because there is cover that will keep the popcorn does not splatter and of course the other to hold the popcorn bowl that has been cooked.

At the top there is a small bowl put the butter that will melt along with the maturation of popcorn. Can also added the melted caramel first and stay watered if the popcorn is cooked. Popcorn maker is not only easy to use but also easy to clean. If not used this tool could be an attractive home decoration also loh. Popcorn maker Football edition can be obtained at a price of Rp 640,000, – in large supermarkets in Jakarta or directly to Kitchenart Showroom, Central Park Mall 2nd Floor, # 208-209. Jl. S. Parman, Jakarta Barat.

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