Rice Madura in Malang-Restoran di Malang

Rice Madura in Malang

Jakarta – Rice mixed madura typical Rice is commonly known as Buk by Malang people.

The place is very simple. Small shops near the railway station in Malang is actually started from shanties at the tip Gang Semarang.
For me, the dish is cooking Buk Matirah home with quality that is amazing. Regardless, nothing is disappointing. In fact, choose from a variety of cuisine that is served too easy job. Everything appears “stimulating” to taste.

Basically – as well as Rice Krawu, which is typical of Rice Mix Madura popular in Gresik – side dishes default for Rice Mix Madura is srundeng (sometimes even up to three types srundeng), short sprouts raw, and frustration that extra spicy sauce.

For me, the side dishes that should not be missed is mendol, the meatball from tempeh. Madurese also special yeast beef jerky, beef jerky is the meat that is slightly thick, not too dry, and overlaid with srundeng. Empalnya also steady. Tender and very tasty marinade. Kari cow was special. Similarly, chicken opor that mlekoh.

What also will not miss is my vegetable lodehnya. Vegetable dishes ve Buk Matirah yellowish, with a truly impressive level too salty. Cuisine Buk Matirah indeed mak nyuss matchless.

If you want to eat Nasi Madura, but feel less comfortable sitting in the shop is simple, the choice is Restaurant Pandanwangi. An old house architecture – which is still very much like to be found in Malang – which serves typical cuisine of Java.

One of the recommendations on the menu is the Rice Pandanwangi Serpang (USD 19 thousand). This is a typical mixed rice Bangkalan. Madura Cuisine else to be sampled here is Rice Romay and Coral Minaci. Two of the latter is the typical cuisine of the island of Madura Kangean in the East. Rice Rice Serpang Romay is similar, but different side dishes. While Coral Minaci is typical Madurese cuisine beef ribs.

Whatever your choice – Buk Matirah or Pandanwangi – a clear, Malang proved to be a “home” for quality cuisine Madura. (Bondan Winarno)

Rice Buk Matirah
Jl. Trunojoyo 10 EF
0341 7703377

Pandan Wangi Restaurant
Jl. Lasem 8, Malang
0341 345861

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