Shoyu Soy Sauce

Shoyu Soy Sauce

Jakarta – For fans of Sakura country dish, surely familiar with this one type of soy sauce. Made from fermented soy beans make it a unique taste not two.

Aka Japanese shoyu soy sauce is often used either as a Dipping sauce and one food preservative in Japan there. In Indonesia shoyu is not so popular because it’s soy sauce is more often consumed as compared with Japan and China, who tend to prefer salty flavor.

Actually what is meant by shoyu? Shoyu derived from the word ‘soy’ or soybeans and ‘sauce’. Shoyu is made from soy beans fermented with bacteria, seeds, water, and salt. Shoyu is very popular in Japan, the texture almost blackish brown liquid with a savory sauce taste tended.

Usually used as companion shoyu in enjoying foods such as sushi, soup mix, and one of the ingredients to marinade the meat so that it tasted better. Shoyu usually sold in bottles in supermarkets that sell a lot of imported products.

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