Special Chicken Satay from Cilacap

Special Chicken Satay from Cilacap

Jakarta – How many types of satay chicken that you recognize and are worth trying? Satay chicken from Madura, Roxburgh, Blora, or Kebumen? Culinary archipelago is rich with variety of satay, especially the satay chicken from all over Indonesia.

Each of us must also have a favorite chicken satay respectively. To me, the first winner of Ponorogo occupied chicken satay. Winner of both the Cilacap. So special about the chicken satay from Cilacap, so the stitches are not just one, but two.

Not surprising when one portion of chicken satay was enough Cilacap containing five sticks – served with choice of white rice cake or rice. Sauces are peanut sauce with sweet tone.

Satay chicken from Cilacap is somewhat similar to chicken satay gagrak Kebumen who happens quite “neighborly” with the South Coast of Cilacap in Java. The difference, in Kebumen, seasoning sauce used is not peanuts, but from tempeh, or fermented soy beans.

In Cilacap, is the famous chicken satay Satay Martawi exist already tens of years and already has several branches. In Jakarta, the privilege of satay chicken from Cilacap is probably only represented by a seller in a narrow alley in the area Kwitang. This shop does not sell other dish except the satay chicken (5 pin USD 17,500) with a rice cake or white rice. Also drink only bottled water. Presumably, this shop is busy serving the orders to be sent to various places event.
Chicken Satay Cilacap
Jl. Kramat Kwitang I D/20
Central Jakarta 021- 3144690 / 021-31937737

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