Special Pancake

Special Pancake

Special Pancake Ingredients:

* 85 g plain flour
* 50 g sugar
* 200 cc of milk
* Btr 2 eggs
* 40 g margarine, melted

Supplementary material Pancake Special:

* 20 g meises
* 100 g old plantain,
* Cut round
* 25 g grated cheese
* 10 g butter

1. Prepare a basin, put flour, sugar and eggs, mix well with a poured liquid milk and margarine and stir well.
2. Creating content: Heat a skillet, saute until tender plantains. Set aside.
3. Pour 1 ladle batter into the pan fried pancake, make a thin omelet. Remove and set aside.
4. Fill each piece with plantain slices, cheese and meises, bending triangles.
5. Serve with ice cream.

For 10 pieces

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