Tasty and Healthy BBQ

Tasty and Healthy BBQ

BBQ roast is often considered less healthy. This is because some
studies mention roasts contain carcinogens or substances that promote cancer. This substance caused by the process of roasting on the fire immediately which causes the formation of carbon which lead to the emergence of cancer cells.
Follow the way of roasting meat or make the correct and proper BBQ the following:

1. Soaking  meat
According to Kansas State University soaking the meat with oil, vinegar and spices to reduce carcinogens after roasting around 57-88%, because the spice may protect the protein content of the meat to grill a hot tool or antioxidants in the marinade can resist a direct carcinogen.

2. Clean grill tools
Do not leave tools dirty grill, roast Brush tool by using an iron brush to remove residual combustion attached so as to make the food much better, without the carcinogens that stick to the tool.

3. Reverse  meat slowly
Try if you want to reverse the meat being burned, turn slowly for meat that is not destroyed or leave the rest on the grill.

4.  Be aware hirst

5. Reduce bacteria on steaks
If you want a delicious steak should be grilled nan healthy meat and flip up to 160 C within 30 seconds once, for E. coli bacteria in an optimal reduced

6. Grill
Not all hot grill has the same temperature, so temperature is not optimal heat cooked meat does not make perfect.

7 Roasting time
The length of roasting can affect whether or not the meat tender. For poultry meat requires a temperature of 165 C, while red meat requires 145 C in pematangannya.

8.  Meat  Size
Cut the meat to be baked with the same size or thickness can be estimated length of time for grilling.

9. Other menu
Not only have meat that can be expressed in BBQ. Just try to vary with grilled vegetables and various other offerings. For example, fruit salad, cream soup, baked potatoes as a complementary menu.

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